30 Years

Thanks to the micronization competence that we have achieved and developed continuously since the early sixties, JETPHARMA SA has become the leader in contract micronization services.


Jetpharma starts its activity

Alberto Martinoli develops a new generation of Fluid Jet Mills and sets up its own firm to ensure service and instruments to the Pharmaceutical Industry.


Jetpharma gets its first FDA approval

The world's toughest regulamentary system is conquered. A very important and prestigious achievement that permits to be hold in high regard on the American market.


Jetpharma becomes a family company

The two sons Luca and Stefano enter the company to ensure continuity and add new energies thus following the foundation principles.


Jetpharma supplies the Containment sector

Never content with the goals reached the Martinoli family widens its service range designing and installing Glove Box Isolators


Jetpharma's intellectual heritage

Mapped out and definitevily set the family board, it is time to protect technology and know-how as a private intellectual heritage to better focus on the contract micronization service.


Jetpharma's new era

A stronger customers support in R&D process for new HPAIs passes also through an image restyling as well as a modernization of the company headquarter.


Jetpharma faces a structural expansion

Commercial success requieres additional production capabilities and more human resources that seals a recognized expertise und competence in particle size reduction.

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