A Company that wants to achieve and maintain its success must build a successful Management Team, not only made of professional people, well prepared and working hard, but also supported by some key assets

  • Complementary skills, as differences bring to brilliance;
  • Focus on the same goals, to go further;
  • Decision making, to move faster;
  • Shared leadership, 'cause no one can succeed alone;
  • Mutual accountability, for the team growth;

An Enterprise that wants to excel, needs the best Management Team on earth.

Let us introduce you our Management Team:

Christian Nalon  (Equipment Engineering Manager)

Mattia Agosti  (Production Manager)

Luca Pergolesi  (Logistics and Operations Manager)

Eleonora Porta  (Quality Assurance Manager)

Daniela Figlioli  (Sales Manager)

Alessandra Benicchio  (Quality Control Manager)


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