Quality System

JP maintains and continuously seeks to improve its integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Management System for its micronization services.


Jetpharma Quality System is in perfect compliance with:

  • cGMP (ICH Q7)
  • Federal Laws and Ordinances for Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Internal SOPs
  • ISO 9001:2008 Guideline
  • Health & Environment Protection Policy and Procedures.

Jetpharma Quality Assurance Unit:

  • verifies continuous compliance to cGMPs and SOPs
  • verifies that product identity, strength, quality and purity are maintained during the whole time the product is on site
  • assures continuous support to Customers, providing documents needed For Submissions
  • coordinates the Validation Activities (micronization process validation, PSD analytical method validation)
  • continuously trains employees on cGMP issues and SOPs.
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